Environmentally friendly cultivation Palm

Did you know that it takes no less than four years from the time of germination for a Howea Palm to grow to a height of 180 cm? That calls for a lot of expertise, experience and patience on the part of the growers. The Dutch nursery "Australian Palm" produces Howea Palms under traditional conditions using modern techniques.

hans van ruijven

Australian Palm still obtains the seeds of the Howea Palm from the remarkable Lord Howe Island (Australia). The island’s occupants are dependent on the sale of the seeds for a large part of their income. So respect for people and the environment runs in the growers’ blood. Australian Palm started growing Howea Palms in 1995. In 2008 the nursery fully modernised its facilities to enable it to produce its palms in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

ffpWe for example make very little use of fertilizers and use biological crop protection wherever possible. And we have minimised our energy consumption by retaining the heat in our greenhouse so we need very little extra energy. We are rightly entitled to sell our products under the FFP label for social and environmentally friendly production.