Position & care

The Howea Palm is a very strong palm that will last for a long time and is easy to care for. Its air-purifying effect and natural look make for greater wellbeing and a better living climate for people. Just follow a few simple care tips and you will enjoy your extraordinary palm for a long time.

Light needs and temperature

The Howea Palm's natural habitat is a palm forest, so it likes shade and dappled shade. You can optionally place the plant in an area with little light, even in the middle of a room. The palm will then of course grow slowly. It is important that you avoid direct sunlight on the leaves. The temperature may vary between 10oC and 35 oC, but the palm's ideal temperature is between 20oC and 25 oC.

Water and fertilizers

Make sure that the soil does not dry out, but the plant's roots must not be standing in water either. The amount of water the plant will need will depend on the amount of light. It will require little water in an area with little light. The darker and cooler the palm's position, the less water it will need. If the palm is in dappled shade, add fertilizer to the water once every season; if it is in full shade once a year will be enough.

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A few more tips:

-  Do not place the plant in a draughty position next to an open door or window.
-  Rinse the plant with lukewarm water once in a while to wash away dust and refresh the leaves.