Howea Palm®

The Howea Palm is an easy-to-care-for elegant palm for creating any atmosphere in any interior. The Howea Palm is not without reason the most popular large green plant in the professional market. If you follow the care tips at this site you will enjoy your palm’s decorative, atmospheric appeal for a long time.

UNESCO World Heritage

The Howea Palm is a true natural product. The seeds of this palm still come from the designated UNESCO World Heritage site of Lord Howe Island off the coast of Australia.

It takes no less than four years for the seeds of the Howea Palm to grow into large plants. This slow growth rate explains why these plants are a bit more expensive to buy. But in return you will get the most elegant, strongest palm you could possibly wish for. What’s more, the Howea Palm has an air-purifying effect, and there is no other large green plant with such an impressive decorative effect in interiors.